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$2.7 Trillion borrowed from Social - Security

The US government has been pretty terrible in handling money in the last several decades

It has been said that our government has been embezzling money for Social-Security.

In fact it has taken all of the Social-Security funds and used them for whatever big deal was going on such as war, etc..


Then they had to borrow about $49 billion

That was just to keep Social-Security alive in the year 2010.

In that year the $49 billion was the extra amount that was needed by our Social-Security Administration to pay the bills and keep a lot of us alive and well.

When people pay into the Social-Security program they expect their money to stay there for later when it is needed by those who qualify to start taking their share out for either retirement or other reasons.

When the day comes where the government sends you a letter saying that your payments have to be reduced because... then you will have the right to be very angry.

As time goes on it will not get better unless something dramatic is done or eventually many Americans will have nothing.

So what dramatic resolution can you think of?

I think they have to leave the money alone and find another source such as a tax increase on the people who have millions of dollars and some who have billions.

They can afford to pay a bit more tax and it will not hurt their lifestyle one bit.

They can easily support our wars, and all of the other dramatic expenses that we aren't even beginning to afford on our income.

They didn't get the money that they have by being generous with all of the poorer Americans though, so it will become a battle.

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