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Sixty-Four Percent of Social Security to Retirees

Thirty-Six percent to others - who are they?

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

There is 62.2 billion dollars going out and 43.7 billion of those dollars is going to retirees.

The larger percentage after retirees goes to the disabled and their dependants. That amounts to 10.2 billion dollars, and that's a lot of money.

The next large amount goes to the survivors of deceased workers. They are getting 6.5 billion dollars. Finally, you can see the smaller number of 1.8 billion dollars going to retiree spouses and children.

About 52,000,000 Americans are getting social-security.

     dollars -

It appears that 25% of folks who are over 65 years old get 90% of their income from social security.

It seems that the females got more social-security money as they tend to live longer than the males do.

The ladies got 56% of the Social -Security paid out in 2010.


It's not so easy

Retirement is not easy for some folks, and at least 25% of those who are doing it now are going to have a harder time in the next coming years if the American social-security doesn't get a change in the laws that control how much money is going out to social-security recipients.

No-one expects a free ride for nothing, but there is a limit as to how much misery we can expect the American people to have to endure.

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