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I earned about $120,000 a year for the last 35 years - how much can I get from Social -Security

So you think you are going to be rolling in the money - forget it.
Here is a basic rundown of the deal

They consider inflation so the money changes over the years but consider that they consider inflation and your income for the past 35 years. I was told differently when I applied - she said the past 10 years.

Nevertheless, If anyone earns over $127,200 in 2017 that money is not counted so there is the first cut back.

They create an average income for those 35 years and divide that by twelve to get a number that tells them about your monthly amount.

The most you could ever collect for 2017 is $2,687 a month. In the past the amount that was the maximum income was less than $120,000 in the past so that effects your numbers.

They operate using 90% of the fist $885.00, then 32% of the money between $885 and $5,336 then just 15% of any money above $5,336. Considering that they have adjustments for maximun earings in the past years the numbers are lower than one might hope for.

Oh well at least you get something. Now figure out how much you paid to them over the years and don't get too upset. "You can't fight City Hall", as they say.



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