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Social Security equals less children born

Guaranteed pensions have reduced the birth rate

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

The whole world was reproducing like mad up until the beginning of guaranteed financial, social stability with pensions and social-security.

Then things changed. Between 1895 and 1907 there were fewer babies born per couple than before and that number has escalated dramatically to around 2 per couple today.

That is a remarkable reduction.


Pension Insurance was the cause

This is considered to be related to the broadly termed "pension insurance" such as companies pensions and social-security, guaranteeing a couple a decent life in old age without the children all pitching in to support them.

The need for support in old age is reduced and the amount of children born to them is reduced.

It was said that people who had a farm wanted a large family to work the farm, but farms decreased in popularity and the urban community increased by 10% to 20% during that time.


This is a dark road however

In 1945, there were 41 workers per retired person to support the social-security system and today the number is 2.9 workers per retired person. This is not a good sign however.

The money that the government borrowed from social security and has yet to pay back should come in from somewhere, and we will survive for the next few years.

I have no idea where it will come from as that hasn't been decided yet, but the system will begin to fail soon and need a revamping.

We can not go on without social security so something has to happen to keep it alive.

I am quite sure the government will devise a plan.

Kids made it work before

kidsThe amount of children at the time when the program was introduced was a lot higher therefore it was an easy program to create as the money was obviously coming in.

However, now as we have a dramatically reduced amount of offspring to support our social security we are getting in trouble money wise.

Jobs are not as stable as they had been in the past.
My father worked for the same company full time for 45 years.

Today a job like that is hard to find as people are shifted here and there and are out of work for long periods in between jobs.

It is time to breed

Maybe we need to start having more children to support us in our old age? I think so.
So, go and get started having babies for your senior support as social security looks weak at this time.

As an older person, you will get hungry and you might be left with a reduced Social security check at best. Plan ahead for support. Have babies now.

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