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Social -Security not enough

66 year old man grows and sells marijuana!

Ends in a sad day for Ed

Here is Ed Aylsworth, a poor fella who didn't get enough money from his social security check so he figured that he would grow some marijuana and sell it to compensate for his poverty.

 He considered that...

People have to eat and buy medication and pay the rent or mortgage and social security often is not going to cover your life expenses.

So... he grew weed and sold it.


Well Ed felt that was the best way so...

Up on South Maple Street in North Freedom, Wisconsin, which by the way is a small village of 712 people up along the Baraboo river, Ed though he would grow pot.

He had been arrested before in 2008 for possession of 165 pounds of pot and this time, when he was arrested, they found him with a shotgun which as a convicted felon he wasn't supposed to have.

Well he also had 55 pounds in total of marijuana. Some pot that was finished being processed and 33 plants still growing.

When the Saulk County Drug Task force came for their visit, he was in the living room trimming his plants.

They took him in to be processed by the law.

He did say that he had sold some weed to two people but didn't give their names.

The cops also took his tools of the trade such as his growing equipment, manuals, pipes, scales, etc.

He is lined up for as much as 32 years in prison and $45,000 in fines.

He got out on a $2,500 signature bond.

He should be back in court on November 4th. I think he would contemplate running off as the jail term would be ridiculously long.

If he did, he couldn't continue to collect Social security, so he would need someone to take care of him. For a while at least.

Tough spot to be in. Good Luck Ed.

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